Friday, February 25, 2011

Pal payasam(milk kheer)

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  • Basmati rice                        One handful
  • Milk                                    One litre
  • Sugar                                  One  cup
  • Saffron(optional)                  Few strands
  • Ghee                                   One spoon


  1. Gently fry the basmatic rice in one spoon of ghee.

    2. Pour one litre of milk and allow it to boil in a slow fire.

    3.Check if the rice is cooked and slow cook till the milk reduces to half.

   4.Add sugar and boil further so that sugar gets dissolved and payasam becomes thick.

   5.Add saffron dissloved in hot milk  and elaichi powder(optional) and serve hot.

Use a thick bottmed  and tall vessel so that milk does not overflow.
You can add cardamom powder,saffron or nutmeg powder to your taste.
You can also add condensed milk and make it faster if you do not have time.

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