Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sundakkai Vatral Kuzhambu

                                                                      Sundakkai  is a kind of berry(Turkey berry) which is made in to a vathal or vatral and  used in our gravies(kozhambu).Sundakkai vatral is prepared by soaking the berries in sour salted buttermilk, and dried in the sun untill crisp and dry.They make it at home store it for a year.It is also available in all the grocery stores these days.
Sundakkai vatral Kuzhambu is the most popular among all the Vatha Kuzhambu.It is a very regular and common recipe in Brahmin homes in Tamilnadu.Though you can taste this kuzhambu in a few restaurants like New woodlands or Saravana Bhavan home made vatral kuzhambu is authentic and tasty.
Sundakkai has a lot of medicianl values.This kozhambu is usually prepared after a feast because it has medicinal values and it is soft on the stomach.People  used to saute this vatral in a little ghee crush it on plain rice and eat when you have a stomach upset.Now coming to the recipe...

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dry Fuit Ladoo

                                                       I recently had this dry fruit burfi from "shree mithai" it tasted so good and i could pop in few without any guilt.In an attempt to make something similar i tried thses dry fruit ladoos which is quiet similar in taste but not the shape.You can add few more nuts of your choice and make it more nutricious.Some people might add honey which is actually not required according to me.It is sweet enough and really satisfies your sweet cravings.!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Aloo paratha

Stuffed Parathas are double layered rotis with yummy filling of vegetable or Paneer or even dal sometimes.Aloo parathas  are perfect for a weekend brunch menu which is usually served with curds and pickles.It is a very popular breakfast in North India however i make it only for dinner along with some dal.It is best when eaten hot otherwise it gets a little soggy when kept in the hot case.Initially i used to sturggle  rolling with the stuffing(it used to come out on all sides)but now i can get a perfect round paratha!!!!!!!