Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Kadalai Urundai Recipe/Karthigai Deepam Recipes

                                                          Kadalai Urundai/Nilakadalai Urundai is a favourite sweet of mine because it is healthy and made with Jaggery and not sugar.Whenever i get a sweet craving i pop in one Kadalai mittai, be it squares or rounds.They are crispy,crunchy and tasty.However peanuts have a connection to my childhood.My grandmother used to bring peanuts from her farm when she was visiting us and we used to roast,boil and eat them in all possible ways.And most of all we used to call her "Kadalai Patti" like my children used to call their thatha "Laddu".She used to make these sweets for karthigai.Now a days i buy the Rajaram peanut candies and eat them once in a while.Tomorrow being Karthigai Deepam i thought let me make these urundais today because yesterday i finished making the Nel and Aval pori urundais.I just went to the stores to buy some more pagu vellam,Peanuts( i have used ready roasted ones)and bought some agal vilakkus(few additions this year)....

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Easy Onion and Tomato Chutney

                                                                         This Onion and Tomato chutney is such a easy and common chutney in most of the households.It is finger licking tasty that it can go with any south Indian tiffin or snack like idlis,dosas,rawa idlis,arisi upma and semiya upma.I have already posted the traditional way of(thogayal)making this Onion and Tomato chutney.This one is a variation.You can store it in the refrigerator for few days.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Jeera Podi

                                                   After all the diwali sweets and savouries everyone must be longing for some simple easily digestible food.Yes I made this "Jeera Podi" today which is light on the stomach.This recipe is from my grand mother.She used to eat this podi with hot rice every day.My mother used to make and store it in a glass(horlicks) bottle  for a month because it was needed every day.My grandmom used to offer the first few bites of the hot rice to us as kids every day when we used to sit with her for lunch but we used to enjoy it once in a while.Every one who came to our house and saw my grand mom eating this became a fan of this podi and took some podi with them and took the recipe also with them.
                                                      It has Cumin seeds which makes digestion very easy and pepper which is also very good for health my grandmom said we could have it after delivery and while feeding the baby.Need not say about the goodness of cumin,pepper, etc. so make this podi and enjoy its benefits and taste when you want to feel light and after a feast.