Monday, April 25, 2016

Jal Jeera

                                                              Jal Jeera needs no introduction it is truly a north indian summer drink with a lots of goodness in it.It is served as an appetizer and as a welcome drink in a lot of restaurants.I have tasted in a lot of restaurants but didn't like it so much in  but when i made it at home just loved it!!!!The ginger,cumin powder and black salt are good digestives that kindles your hunger truly appetizing!!!!!Enjoy making it at home and have it with your friends and guests!!!!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Black Channa Salad/Chaat

                                                         I have eaten salads with Kabuli channa,black eyed peas and sprouts in many restaurants and at home rarely but not the black channa.It is healthier than the white channa.It has a lot of health benefits and very nutricious and filling salad.It is oil free,sugar free,fat free and protein rich and fibre rich.
I have started making more and more protein rich foods now a days one such inclusion is the bean salads or you can call it Black channa chaat!!!!

Sri Rama Navami Recipes

                                                 Sri Rama Navami and tamil New year are approaching and i thought i will refresh those recipes.As the mercury is rising it is so hot and humid.These recipes are so refreshing and appropriate for this season.My mother used to make Panagam,Neer more and Kosumali for neivedhyam.

These are the three things made for Rama Navami as neivedhyam

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Medhu Pakoda/Medhu Bonda/Instant Bonda

                                                                 Medhu Bonda or Pakoda can be called Instant Bonda because it can be made instantly without any soaking or grinding.We have not made it often at home but I have always seen it in most of the tea shops and used to drool over it. I found the recipe for that and made it at home.It is really yumm and you should really eat it with a cup of tea!!!

Friday, March 25, 2016

Beetroot Kurma

                                                 Beetroot is one vegetable that we are all very fornd of, but i have seen many of them do not prefer beetroot.We make curry(poriyal),put it in sambar,kootu,salad and of course the ABC juice.I always pick up a few beets while buying vegetables.After trying out the familiar dishes i wanted to make something new specially to go with chapathis because i really run out of choices of subzis for chathis often.I was searching the net and found this beetroot kurma in few blogs,then i tried it out immediately.It is actually kurma with lots of beets and it was yumm with the phulkas.