Monday, November 19, 2018

Ginger Juice/Ingi sorasam

                   After all the sweets and savouries for diwali now i think it is time to have some digestive which will get our system back to normal.Yes  Ginger juice or "Ingi sorasam"as my mother used to call it is more a digestive than a juice.It is very popular in Thanjavur district.
My mom used to make it every month and we used to have it in a empty stomach..It is  a cure for  indigestion too.I love ginger and lemon.Those who love ginger will definitely like it. 

Friday, November 2, 2018

Adhirasam Recipe

                                                                Adhirasam is a very traditional sweet made during diwali and south Indian weddings only.It is a long process so it is not made very often at home.We occassionally buy a small pkt of adhirasam from grand snacks and satisfy the craving.
                         This time i thought let me try making this myself and post it.I did everything totally relaxed.The dough has 24 hours standing time so it was actually litte easy.
                        Two things are important for this recipe one is home made rice flour which i have shown in so many recipes and the other is pagu vellam which you can buy in stores.

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Boondi Ladoo|Diwali Sweet Recipe

                                                    Boondi Ladoo is the most popular Indian sweet made during diwali and weddings.The ladoos are made little different in North and South India.The north Indian ladoo is orange in colour and the boondis are really small and it is called the "Motichur Ladoo".The south Indian ladoo is yellow in colour and the boondis are slightly bigger.We like both the Ladoos and the best of all is the Thirpathi Ladoo any day!!!!!
                                                        I used to get terrified thinking of making these Ladoos and Jangiris for many years!!!!but thanks to the fellow bloggers and their way explaining,which made it easy for me to make these tough ones easily.I hope few people benefit seeing my blog and make their sweets and enjoy.
                                             Ladoos have always had a affinity to our family.My Father in law used to call my kids "Ladoo Kanna"when they were little and when they grew up a little and when they started talking they started calling him "Ladoo thatha"and later on it became "Ladoo" his pet name!!!!
so whenever we think of Ladoos we cannot miss thinking about him!!!!!!(ladoo thatha).