Hi from Me!

Hi !

I am Uma Shankar from Chennai and I have been blogging for a year and half now. I never knew what a blog was until I started searching for recipes and found them nicely written and captured in some of  the blogs.I thought it was a nice way of recording all known recipes.This is the inspiration behind me starting my blog.

I started writing all normal day-to-day cooking recipes first and I named it after my mother "Jaya", since most of the recipes were the ones I had learnt from her. I slowly started experimenting from other blogs and different recipes and a few baking recipes which were very new to me.

Photography made blogging even more interesting to me.I love to capture good photographs and different kind of pictures rather than being monotonous. Initially, I was using a very normal camera and seeing my interest my husband bought me a SLR which I use till date.

I thank all the people who take the time to visit my blog. Please do leave your comments on your favourite recipes which are valuable to me. My blogging journey will continue....


This diwali  My Diwali legiyum Recipe came out in the Darpan Magazine(diwali issue)

I just took part in this cookery competition for fun.it was a fun experience at ID restaurant in Satyam Cinemas.

I won the Sweet recipe contest hosted by Gayathri of cook spot



Seetha Srini said...

Hi. I came across your blog' tried a couple of recipes and they are good.
Thanks for your efforts, makes my life simpler, having to follow simple, fool-proof recipes.
Keep up the good job!

Shivranjini Krishnamurthy said...

Dear Uma

I represent Hudson Canola oil, a brand recently launched in India and specifically suited to both Indian cooking and health. We are interested in extending a product sampling invitation to you and would like to request your email ID for the same.


Shivranjini (shivranjini.krishnamurthy@drizzlin.com)

RENU said...

its good to see u in chennai.i too reside in chennai.hope we become good friends.

RENU said...

wishing u all the best for ur lovely blog.....keep blogging n post tasty recipes...i will always support u.

Durgaa said...

Dear Uma,

Your recipes are very nice .Am also from chennai I would like to know from where you bought FleSchiManna Active yeast .please let me know the shop name .do mail me abt the details in my mail Id durgaa1703@gmail.com

Durgaa said...

Thanks for ur reply. Do visit my blog durgasbakencook.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Hi ! My name is Allyson, I'm french and I came to India last year. That was a wonderful experience. Your country is so beautiful, people are great, and food is delicious... I'm very happy because I found your blog and the recipes are easy, real,tasty and I don't need a lot of products that I can't find in France to cook some delicious dishes. Thank you very much for your job! I'm really impatient to come back to India (I have to wait for 5 months) Regards.

uma shankar said...

halo Allyson I am really glad that you liked our conutry and my blog.Pls follow it and you will be updated with new recipes often.I am sure you can find the Indian groceries in an Indian store in France.
Good luck and regards

Anonymous said...

Hi Uma,

Happy to have stumbled across this blog for nice recipes!
Like your food photography as well.


Anonymous said...

Hello Uma! I am stupid; what the heck is jaggery???? lols I am from the USA. & never heard of jaggery. Is it sugar????
Best, Kristine

uma shankar said...

Hi Kristine

Jaggery is nothing but unrefined cane sugar used in India in a lot of sweet dishes.It is also considered auspicious and has a religious significance to the Hindus.

Anonymous said...

hi there.i was wondering whether u had any recipes with mushroom in them.my name is Adam by the way

naz khan said...

Hi there Uma, My name is Naz.. I found your blog from recipes.india.
Its lovely. I love all the recipes, and theres no word about your photography, so way to go..Im following you now, and would love for you to stop by my place if you get the time:) God bless you Naz from Naz's Kitchen Fiesta

Gee said...

Hi Uma,

I chanced upon your blog while I was browsing for 'vella puttu'. I have had this dish but never got a chance to try it out.

I cooked this exactly as you said and it came out superb. Thank you so much.


Gee said...

Hi Uma,

I chanced upon your blog while I was browsing for 'vella puttu'. I have had this dish but never got a chance to try it out.

I cooked this exactly as you said and it came out superb. Thank you so much.


Paachakalokham said...

hi uma
nice blog with mindblowing recipes; thanks a lot.

Paachakalokham said...

thanks uma for a nice blog and mindblowing recipes

Anonymous said...

Hi Uma,
I came across your blog.Just loved your blog.So neat presentation and explanation..:).You made my life easy.:)...good going and keep up the good work..:)

Vaiju said...

I saw your blog when I searched for morekoozh recipe and then checked all you recipes. My daughter who is 7 years old was next to me and after seeing the pictures of your recipes, she wished you were a part of her family and right next to her so that she can taste all items. :-)


Uma Shankar said...

Thank you vaiiju sure your daughter can come to my house i can make a few of her favorite dishes!!!

Vaiju said...

Thanks you so much. She is very glad to see this comment. We are in US and when we visit chennai will def come to ur place to taste some of your dishes :-)

Dr vaishnavi said...

Hi uma..you are doing a great job ..I am a doctor and just finished my MD postgraduate.i tried few of ur recepies,especially ur almond potato soup.it came out so well.we learners are benefitted a lot from ur blog to make variety of indian recepies.my heartiest wishes to you and keep continuing ur work and take it a step ahead.you r going to do wonders

Uma Shankar said...

Thank you dr.

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Mythili Raghunathan said...

Hi Uma, I am just looking at your kozhukkatai recipes. The photos look so yum. Such neatly done kozhukkatais. Very inspiring. This Ganesh chaturthi kozhukkatais at my home are dedicated to you.

Anonymous said...

i love all ur recipes.

pls provide inputs on the oven model ,watts ans specifications of the otg to buy for baking,grilling,etc.
i want to bake bread,cake, muffins etc

your inputs will be useful to many readers like me.

Anamika Jain said...

I love reading your recipes today was my first time I was reading your blog and it impresed me a lot and lot the way you present your recipes, fodd photography etc
today itself i read many recipes of yours from start to finish.

Anonymous said...

How to be vegetarian or vegan without nutritional deficiencies like lack or iron, protein, b vitamins, calcium etc without vitamin supplements especially? Iron, b vitamins and protein the biggest concern, iron especially for females.

You write there is no need for dairy, but how was this accomplished by our ancestors without deficiency? I tried to do without with no success.

Anonymous said...

Hello Uma, I am a regular follower of your blog. Very lovely presentation and great recipes. Thanks so much for Sharing your recipes.


Latha Ramamurthy said...

Hi Uma,

I made vaazaikkai podi following ur recipe and won lots of appreciation from my in-laws family.Thanks for the great tasty service : )


Food Veg NonVeg said...

Hi Uma,
I just read your article. Thanks for sharing that, I learned a lot from it.

By the way,It’s something I get asked quite often from my own blog’s readers (www.foodvegnonveg.com), and I would love to know what you might think of it.