Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Olan/Kerela Onam Recipe

                                                               We have Onam coming up in a few days and i thought let me post an Onam recipe.It is a very simple dish with coconut milk flavour.Addition of those beans adds a little protein to the dish.You can use either white or red pumpkin or even both but the procedure remains the same.

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Ragda Patties

                                                    Ragada Patties  is a very popular street food in North India and western parts of India.It is one of my favourites.I am fond of almost all the chaat except a few like dal kachori and dahi puri.Whichever chaat is a little spicy and tasty i just love them.We mostly eat our chaat in Gangotri or Ajnabi these are the two places it is very good and tasty according to me.I always tell them to make mine a little more sweet than the usual(to add more sweet chutney)because i like the sweetness more in them.
                                  Today i made this chaat because i was craving for some chaat and  i really got bored of the usual cooking like sambar,rasam and curry.First i made the two chutneys and kept them ready so that it is easier while serving,then i made the Ragada which is prepared with dried white peas cooked with onions tomatoes and spices.Lastly made the patties with boiled potatoes and spices which is shallow fried.Just before serving all of these are assembled in a interesting way to get a spicy,tangy,sweet dish called "Ragada Patties".

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Vegetable Gotsu/Accompaniment for Idli,Dosa and Pongal

                                                                There are different types of Gotsu and the most popular one is with brinjal,tamarind and 'Gotsu Podi' which i have posted earlier.Vegetable gotsu is a mild gotsu with lot of vegetables and cooked yellow moong dal.It is best when combined with Ven Pongal also goes with Idlis,dosas and Arisi upma.My Chitti makes this often and i learnt this recipe from her .She sometimes adds a little Lemon juice at the end.She even makes it as an accompaniment for chapathis.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Rawa Pongal

                                                         Rawa Pongal is a easy version of the normal Ven Pongal made with rice and dal.In Rawa Pongal instead of Rice we use rawa which cooks easy and faster and little light on the stomac.It goes well with a simple Coconut chutney otherwise you can serve it with Tiffin Sambar which is a great combination and tastes heavely.