Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Milagu Kuzhambu/Pepper Kuzhambu

                                                      Milagu Kuzhambu or Pepper Kuzhambu is a traditional,spicy and tangy kuzhambu which has lot of medicinal values because it is made with lot of black pepper and cumin seeds.It is made mostly on rainy days becuase it can help treat your cold or prevent you from getting a cold.It can be Prepared a little thick and can be stored outside for 2 days and  in the fridge for 10-15days.
                                When i think of this kuzhambu this incident comes to my mind. Once when we went to Banglore we made a sudden visit to one of our relatives house.They wanted us to have dinner and then only leave and that aunty pulled out a bottle which had this pepper kuzhambu in a thick form,she heated up some water and mixed with this paste and made a delicious kuzhambu in just few seconds.She also made a simple mixed vegetable salad and roasted pappad to go with it.We after eating all our meals outside(in restaurants) were really craving for some simple home cooked food and it was so delicious  especially in the Banglore climate eventhough our relatives felt the food was too simple for guests we really enjoyed the Kuzhambu with some hot rice and ghee!!!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Asoka Halwa

                                                                  I have reached a small milestone  in my blogging so i decided to celebrate myself by making this favourite sweet of mine and posting it too.Asoka Halwa is typically a traditional south Indian sweet made for weddings and during many festivals.It is not very popular or easily available in sweet shops like a Mysore Pa,Wheat Halwa or a Kaju Katli.The north Indian version of Moong Dal Halwa is done differently  and stored for a longer period.I look forward to tasting Ashoka Halwa when i go for a wedding especially in the breakfast menu in a banana leaf Yum Yum!!!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Curd Millet/Barnyard Millet Curd Bath

                                                          Millets are small cereal grains which are becoming very popular now.Few Millet Varieties that i am familiar with are Kambu,Thinai,Samai,Kuthiraivali and Varagu.Because of its enormous health benefits i have started including those millets in my daily cooking slowly.First i wanted to understand how to cook them and what all dishes i can make and now getting more familiar with them.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Senaikizhangu Pitlai

Senaikizhangu is the large yam that is used in this recipe to make the tasty traditional recipe called "Pitlai".It is very common dish  in our house.We make pitlai with Yam,brinjal and channa,bitterguard but the most popular one being the bitterguard pitlai.It is similar to Araichuvitta Sambhar but in a thicker form with more vegetables.Accompaniment to this dish could be any mild curry like raw banana,beans and cabbage.It is a yummy and flavourfull gravy that goes well with Paruppu sadam and ghee.Try it and you will Love it.!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kola Vadai/Ring Murukku

                                                                Kola Vadai or Ring Murukku is a type of snack prepared during Krishna Jayanthi and Diwali.It is very crispy and yummy when done correctly.You can refer my Uppu seedai post for home made rice flour.This murukku comes out well with home made rice flour.I made only a small quantity.If you are making for the first time try in small quantities.There is a similar snack which the kannada people make called Kodubale and telugu people make chegodilu