Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Senaikizhangu Pitlai

Senaikizhangu is the large yam that is used in this recipe to make the tasty traditional recipe called "Pitlai".It is very common dish  in our house.We make pitlai with Yam,brinjal and channa,bitterguard but the most popular one being the bitterguard pitlai.It is similar to Araichuvitta Sambhar but in a thicker form with more vegetables.Accompaniment to this dish could be any mild curry like raw banana,beans and cabbage.It is a yummy and flavourfull gravy that goes well with Paruppu sadam and ghee.Try it and you will Love it.!!!!!!!!!

You will Need
  • 400gms of Colocasia      
  • Lemon sized ball of Tamarind         
  • Two tbs of jaggery         
  • Salt to Taste
  • One cup Tur dhal     
  • 1/2tsp of Turmeric powder
  • Generous pinch of Asafoetida
  • One tbs of Gingelly oil
Roast and grind
  • Two tsp of Channa dhal    
  • Two tsp of Coriander seeds
  • Eight nos red chillies          
  • Two tbs of scraped coconut 

1.Pressure cook the tur dhal with turmeric and keep aside.
2.Soak tamarind in hot water for an hour and extract  pulp three times and keep aside.
3.Roast the ingredients given under roast and grind in a little oil and grind the masala into a paste or powder.Add coconut at last and switch off the stove roast it in the remaining heat itself.

4.Boil the colocasia(cut into small cubes)in tamarind water with turmeric,salt,asafotida and few torn curry leaves.
5.Once the vegetable is cooked(till soft)add the ground paste,boiled dhal,little water if it is very thick and jaggery.
6.Once you get the desired consistency.Season it with mustard seeds,curry leaves and asafoetida.


  • Do not pressure cook the senaikizhangu as it might become mushy.At the same time check before you add the dal and the masala powder.Sometimes it becomes hard once you add the dal.
  • You can try the same recipe with Brinjal(with soaked channa) and bitterguard.
  • You can try with half the ingredients i have mentioned for a smaller quantity.
  • If you want a flowy kozhambu reduce the amount of cooked Tur dhal.


Anonymous said...

I always thought colocasia is cheppankizhangu and senaikizhangu is yam. Please clarify.

jaya's recipes said...

Yes i just realised colocasia is sepankizhangu and yam is common to both!

Tucker C said...

Nice blogg you have