Thursday, March 5, 2020

Canapes with Italian style corn

                                                        Canapes are one bite crisps made in different shapes.One can create a lot of interesting recipes,fillings and starters with these fried canapes.Now a days we get these ready made canapes in shops.You can use your imagination and make your filling and make different varieties of starters.My Sil sent these cute little canapes from Bombay and i made this Italian style corn filling for these.It tastes great with these and the corn and cheese combo works superb with these canapes!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can try these chat canapes with potatoes,sprouts and chutneys as filling for a variation.

You will Need

  • One cup Sweet corn Kernels
  • One tbs Butter
  • One Onion chopped
  • Three tbs of chopped Capsicums
  • One tsp Italian seasoning
  • One tsp Chilli flakes
  • 100ml Fresh creme
  • Half cup Shreeded cheese
  • Salt to taste

How to

  • Heat butter in a pan and fry the chopped onions till light brown.

  • At the same time boil or steam corn for five minutes.

  • Once the onion is fried add the chopped capsicums(i added all three colours),salt,chilli flakes and Italian seasoning and give it a stir.

  • Add the boiled corn and mix well.

  • Add fresh creme and shreeded cheese and heat till the cheese melts.

  • Once it reaches a saucy consistency switch off the flame.

  • Fill it up in those little canapes and enjoy it as a starter!!!It is really yumm when it is still warm.


  • You can adjust the spice and the seasonings according to your taste.
  • It is a perfect party snack you can prepare the filling and keep it ready and fill it up at serving time.


Dolly Banu said...
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Dolly Banu said...

Canapes are simple and quick party snacks that can captivate different quality of guests at home. If this Canapes will served with Italian style corn it will be much fantastic. These are small, decorative and can be eaten in one bite. Try this Jain vegetarian canapes recipe and click on pasta if you interested to eat.