Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thayir Idli

                                                                  Thayir idli is nothing but Mini Idlies soaked in Yogurt and spices.I tasted this in a south Indian Restaurant in chennai.My friend's Kid used to eat only this when we used to go out for dinner.She could not stand any spicein the food that  so we use to order so"Thayir Idli" for her.It is very simple and you can make it with or without the coconut.Also you can reduce the number of green chillies if you are making for kids.I made this after a long time thinking that kids might not like it but it was  different and so soft and tasty when soaked in curd.It is a good variation in idli variety.!!!you can give it a try!!!

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Bagara Baingan/Hyderabadi Bagara Baingan Recipe

                                                              I am posting this recipe for my blogging friend and I hope she likes it.I picked up the purple small brinjals y'day when i went vegetable shopping to make this subzi today.     Bagara Baingan is a traditional hyderabadi Brinjal subzi.It is a great accompaniment for Biryani,pulao and Jeera pulao.In the traditional way the brinjals are deep fried and added to the gravy but i have not deep fried them.There is a smoky flavour to this dish traditionally but i have made it in a simple way!!!

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Beans Curry with Moong Dal

                                                                  Beans is a high fiber vegetable to be included in our diet.It is not only fibrous it has lot of anti oxidants to protect us from many diseases.Beans are super healthy,versatile and affordable.When you are picking your beans make sure they are tender and flexible.

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tender Pumpkin Thogayal

                                                                    My neighbor sent a Tender pumpkin from his "Farm" I was wondering what to do with the whole pumpkin suddenly this idea struck me to make Thogayal because it was tender.My mother used to make this Thogayal and made it our side dish for adai and dosais.Some people make the thogayal with the seeds and the fleshy part when it is really tender I am making it with the fleshy part alone.It is similar to the onion,tomato or coconut thogayal but Pumpkin Thogayal  is not very common.Like i said you can have it as an accompaniment with idli,dosas and adais.