Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Thayir Idli

                                                                  Thayir idli is nothing but Mini Idlies soaked in Yogurt and spices.I tasted this in a south Indian Restaurant in chennai.My friend's Kid used to eat only this when we used to go out for dinner.She could not stand any spicein the food that  so we use to order so"Thayir Idli" for her.It is very simple and you can make it with or without the coconut.Also you can reduce the number of green chillies if you are making for kids.I made this after a long time thinking that kids might not like it but it was  different and so soft and tasty when soaked in curd.It is a good variation in idli variety.!!!you can give it a try!!!

You will Need
  • Fifteen Mini Idlies
  • One small cup Curd
  • Two tbs of Scraped Coconut
  • Two Green chillies
  • One tbs Coriander leaves
  • Shredded Carrot for Garnishing
  • Salt to taste
  • A pinch ofAsafoetida

How to
  • Make(steam) One plate of Mini Idlies.
  •  Grind coconut,green chillies and few coriander leaves in to a paste.
  •  Add curds to that and give a whisk.
  •  Heat a small pan with one tsp of Oil crackle mustard seeds pour it over the curd mixture.Add salt and Asafoetida and mix well.
  •  Pour it over the idlies.
  •  You can let it settle for half an hour and then eat or you can even cool it in the refrigerator for few hours.
  •  Garnish withsome shredded carrots and few coriander leaves.You can even garnish with some kara bhoondi which will make it even more tasty and crunchy on top!!!


RENU said...

iam inspired by sounds new n tasty.....thanks looks perfect.thanks.

RENU said...

iam also int to start a blog....but unable to do it.

Anonymous said...

This is a great idea. Healthier than thayir vadai and delicious too. Just tried this. Thank you for the idea.