Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tender Pumpkin Thogayal

                                                                    My neighbor sent a Tender pumpkin from his "Farm" I was wondering what to do with the whole pumpkin suddenly this idea struck me to make Thogayal because it was tender.My mother used to make this Thogayal and made it our side dish for adai and dosais.Some people make the thogayal with the seeds and the fleshy part when it is really tender I am making it with the fleshy part alone.It is similar to the onion,tomato or coconut thogayal but Pumpkin Thogayal  is not very common.Like i said you can have it as an accompaniment with idli,dosas and adais.

You will Need
  • Half a small Tender Pumpkin
  • Six Red chillies
  • Small piece of Tamarind
  • Two Tbs of Urad dal
  • Salt to taste 
  • Two tsp Of Gingelly Oil.
  • A generous pinch of Asafoetida

How to

  • Cut the pumkin in to half,peel of the skin and cut into big blocks and some mushy portions.
  • Heat one tsp of Oil and Fry urad dal and red chillies till the dal turnd goleden brown.Take it out and cool it on a plate.Heat oil again and pour the chopped pumpkin and saute till it becomes soft.you can keep it covered for few minutes.No need to add water to cook the pumpkin as itself will leave water while getting cooked.Allow it to cool.
  • In the mixer first powder the urad dal,salt,asafoetida,tamarind.
  •  Add the pumpkin pieces and grind to a coarse paste.

Enjoy the different type of chutney or thogayal with dosas,idlis and adais!!!!If you keep it refrigerated you can use if for two days.

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RENU said...

sounds new looks tasty

great-secret-of-life said...

look yummy and love the color

RENU said...

i want to learn bagara baingan recipe...can u post it?thanks

jaya's recipes said...

sure renu will come soon!

RENU said...

hi uma thanks a lot for considering my request....u also live in chennai....i live in kilpauk....where u live.....?

Chitra said...

New recipe to me. we make gravy for rice.. will try this version too

Vardhini said...

Inviting click and thogayal looks yummy.

Event: Chaat & Chutneys + GIVEAWAY

Unknown said...

looks so delicious!!! thanks for linking!!