Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Upma/Rawa Upma

                                                           Upma is the most simple and popular south Indian breakfast.It can be made in a jiffy and in so many different ways.I have posted just the basic recipe for beginners.I have also posted an elaborate version previously with step wise pictures.
Not many are fond of upma when they are young.But as a child, I used to love upma - especially with all the veggies in it. My mother used to make the best upma.She used to make it with only Tomatoes on fasting days for my grandmom and I used to wait for my grand mom to offer me a bite. It used to taste heavenly ! She would fry some cashews in ghee and garnish it sometimes.However my sister was not very fond of Upma when she was in school.My grand father used to tease her saying her evening snack was upma and she would freak out ! Once you grow up and start cooking, you want to try all recipes - especially the easy ones like upma which comes in handy and as a saviour a lot of times.