Thursday, November 23, 2017

Cabbage and peas curry/Cabbage and green peas Poriyal

Cabbage poriyal or curry is a simple vegetable accompaniment for any south Indian gravy like sambar,rasam or vathakozhambu.It is a common poriyal made in all households.It goes well with sambar sadham too.In lot of places when you order sambar sadam(variety rice)cabbage curry would be the accompaniment.
My mother used to make this curry with Sambar and i would always  complain why she didn't make a potato fry with sambar????But now when i am a mom  i want my kids to try out all the vegetables and i am sure she would have also felt the same!!!!

Monday, September 25, 2017

Butter Beans Sundal/Navrathri Recipes

                                                    Butter Beans is a new sundal i tried today.I had not soaked any(bean or kadalai)for sundal for today so ran to the stores and was looking for a bean variety.First time i even saw these actually.I was wondering whether they were Lima beans or Soya beans but apparently they are "Butter Beans"..I just soaked them for 2-3 hours( i was not sure if it was enough and had a back up plan of instant yellow dal Sundal­čśť).After soaking for few hours pressure cooked them with salt for three whistles and then just seasoned it.It is quiet simple and it was so soft as butter!!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Methi Pulao/Methi Leaves Pulao

                                         I am writing this post after a very long time.I had this pulao in my friends house and i reallly liked it.I always wanted to include greens in the pualo and this one is a perfect one.It is very aromatic and healthy pulao.You can add some boiled channa or some peas to the pulao to make it even more protein rich and healthy.

Monday, August 28, 2017

Black Channa Sundal/Navarathri Recipes/Saraswathi poojai sundal

                                                             Black channa Sundal or Karuppu Kondakadalai sundal is what you make mostly on Saraswathi poojai,you can make white channa sundal also.This channa sundal is very easy to make and very nutricious.I made this sundal,paruppu payasam and medhu vadai for neivedhayam today.

Friday, February 24, 2017

Sago Upma

Sago or javarisi upma.I learnt this recipe from my friend.As a child i have never eaten this upma.Only when I started  cooking I started exploring and looked for more variety.This is quiet a simple one except for the fact that you have to soak it for a little while.


Sago or javarisi
To soak
Mustard seeds
Channa Dal
Turmeric powder
Green chilli
Small piece
Curry leaves
Coriander leaves
Lime juice
1.Soak sago for two hours.Soak it in just enough water to immerse.
2.Put it in a strainer after two hours so that excess water runs off.Heat oil in a pan and add mustard seeds and when it crackles add Channa Dal(kadalai paruppu),onions,green chilli,ginger, curry leaves and turmeric powder.
3.Fry till onions become slightly brown.
4.Add the sago and salt mix well and depending on the sago close it for a minute or two and cook.Finally add lime juice mix well and serve.Garnish with coriander leaves.
You can add some coarsly powdered peanuts to the upma at the end.It adds taste,flavour and protein to the upma.


  • It is very popular in north India and Maharashtra.
  • They usually make it during fasting period.
  • You can avoid onions during fasting periods.

Friday, January 6, 2017

Thiruvadhirai kali

Thiruvadirai is celebrated when Thiruvadirai star(nakshatram) and full moon coincide in the month of Marghazi,we celebrate in favour of lord shiva.All the Sivan temples allover the world celebrate this auspicious occassion with special Abhishekam,puja to Lord Natraja .
On this festival day our houses are cleaned and decorated with kolam,"Maa-ilai Thoranams and Flowers Thoranams.
A delicious sweet  known as "Thiruvadirai Kali" is prepared in all our families.This specially made Thirvadirai -Kali is made with Thiruvadirai Kootu with seven vegetables.These two dishes are prepared early in the morning and offered as neivedhyam in a banana leaf along with Betel leaves,Betel nuts and bananas and distributed to everyone in the family.