Friday, August 30, 2013

Focaccia Recipe

                                                                         Focaccia is the most simple bread.It is flat bread with spices and onions but the toppings and the spices could vary from onions to tomatoes,olives etc.Same way you can add spices of your choice like Rosemary,oregano or a spice mix too.To suit my taste i added chilli flakes and onions.(it tastes more Indian)It is a basic bread recipe and perfect for a beginner.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Uppu Seedai and Vella Seedai For Gokulashtami

Uppu Seedai and vella seedai are the most common snack made for Gokulashtami.It is the same dough made in sweet and salt versions.You can make it a few days before and keep it for neivedhyam or you can prepare the dry flour few days earlier and make the seedais on gokulashtami day.
There has always been a scare about the seedais bursting when put in the oil.There are three tips i learnt from other blogs(which i followed while making the seedais)for the seedais to not burst.First sieve the flour well so that the dough is smooth.Second do not roll them too tightly and the third is to roast the flour well.If you follow all these it might nut burst.
Since Krishna is a baby and likes to eat his snacks in different shapes that you can see in the pictures!!!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Aamai Vadai/Paruppu Vadai

                                                      Aamai means Tortoise in Tamil Language this vadai resembles the shell of a Tortoise on the outside that is why it is called "Aamai Vadai".Though it is called Aamai vadai it is the paruppu vadai that is made in most of the festive occassions.Starting from weddings,upanayanams and festivals like diwali,pongal to small festivals paruppu vadai becomes  part of the menu.Today being Avani Avittam it is a must in my house.It is made traditionally so there is no onion,garlic or fennel seeds like in "Masal Vadai"which is quiet similar to this Paruppu vadai.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Kondakadalai Sundal/Kabuli channa Sundal

                                                                        Kondakadalai Sundal is a neivedhyam on pillayar chathurthi,varalakshmi pooja and Saraswathi pooja.It is a healthy and nutritious sundal too.There are two types of this kondakadalai(black and white).You can make the sundal with both and the recipe is the same.
It is very simple and easy recipe.My mother used to make a spicy version of this sundal during Navrathri she used to dry roast channa dal,coriander seeds,red chillies,coconut powder it and then add it to the sundal.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Samba Rice Recipe

                                                                              Samba Rice was very  new to me.It is a  rice variety i tasted recently in a temple as prasadam. .I started looking for recipes on the net and could not find much.Finally  found this recipe in Meenakshi ammal's cook book.I think it is very traditional recipe and of course very simple and easy to make.The pepper and cumin seeds in the rice can be really appetizing.I thought I might as well record the recipe and share it with all of you!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Methi Matar Malai

                                                                        Methi Matar Malai is a rich and creamy north Indian subzi(gravy).As the name says it is a curry with Methi leaves,green peas and cream.It goes well with all the Indian flat breads and pulao.It is a little different from the usual north Indian gravies(curries) which are tomato based and red in colour. Now let us look at the recipe....