Sunday, March 13, 2011

Filter coffee/filter kapi

Filter coffee/kapi is the most important beverage in south indian homes.The first drink we have in the morning is kapi(coffee).Unlike coffee in rest of the world south indian coffee is milky and sweet.
My mother used to make the perfect filter coffee and my fahter's friends used to come to our house especially for the coffee that she makes.she used to buy the coffee seeds,roast and grind and brew fresh decoction.
Of course i do not take so much trouble i buy the roast and ground powder without much of chicory and brew the decoction.

  • Four Heaped tbs of Coffee powder                
  • 200Ml of 3% fat Milk                               
  • Sugar  To taste
  • Boiling water  For the filter

1.Boil water.
2.Fill up coffee powder in the filter
3.Press it lightly and pour the boiling water into it.
4.Wait for 20 minutes till the decoction gets collected in the lower comparment of the filter and boil the milk till frothy.
5.once the milk boils take 11/2tsp of sugar in the tumbler pour some decoction and add the can adjust the quantity according to your taste whether you want it light or strong. mix it well by pouring it into the cup(dawara)to form the lather and enjoy the coffee.


Shylaja said...

Nice explanation. Miss this filter coffee

RU Creations said...

Nice demo. Looks real. feel like drinking out of the picture.

jaya's recipes said...

Ha ha that's the whole point of the picture thanks!

K & B said...

Yum! great detailed instructions. Thank you !

bhavi said...

Besh besh !!! Romba nalla irukku

RENU said...

my fav coffee

Subha said...

Can't live without this..great pics and step by step instruction..

Starbucks said...

Your mother had her won mini Starbucks ;-)
That looks delicious. I would use Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee in that. I didn't realize that Indian coffee tended to be more milky and sweet than the usual.

Unknown said...

I love filter coffee usually i use pure organic coffee powder buy at it was very very tasty and pure

fireboyandwatergirl said...

Look real