Monday, September 25, 2017

Butter Beans Sundal/Navrathri Recipes

                                                    Butter Beans is a new sundal i tried today.I had not soaked any(bean or kadalai)for sundal for today so ran to the stores and was looking for a bean variety.First time i even saw these actually.I was wondering whether they were Lima beans or Soya beans but apparently they are "Butter Beans"..I just soaked them for 2-3 hours( i was not sure if it was enough and had a back up plan of instant yellow dal Sundal­čśť).After soaking for few hours pressure cooked them with salt for three whistles and then just seasoned it.It is quiet simple and it was so soft as butter!!!!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Methi Pulao/Methi Leaves Pulao

                                         I am writing this post after a very long time.I had this pulao in my friends house and i reallly liked it.I always wanted to include greens in the pualo and this one is a perfect one.It is very aromatic and healthy pulao.You can add some boiled channa or some peas to the pulao to make it even more protein rich and healthy.