Sunday, March 30, 2014

Onion Rings

                                                                  Onion Rings are an international starter, popular all over the world now. I am sure all of us are fond of French fries and Onion rings.These Onion rings are simple to make with few ingredients. In International food chains, they make the batter with egg and flour, but I have not used egg in my recipe.You can adjust the spices and flavours according to your taste,you can either add chilli powder and sprinkle chat masala on top or use Italian spice mix.I have used the spice mix which has black pepper,paprika,oregano etc.

Monday, March 24, 2014

Semiya Kichadi/Vegetable Semiya Upma

                                                                    Semiya Kichadi or Vegetable Semiya Upma is a very healthy and easy to prepare South Indian tiffin.You can call it a one pot meal and have it for dinner also.Actually south Indian dishes are easy to prepare and easily digestible and that is what i like about them.Semiya Kichadi is a perfect Lunch box menu too but it is at its best when eaten hot with coconut chutney!!!!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Sweetcorn Paruppu Usili

                                                           I think i am posting too many recipes with sweet corn now, yes it is a phase(sweet corn Phase).I love sweet corn i buy the butter corn whenever we go to the malls or the theater.I cannot resist the smell of the corn and butter.
All of us do try a lot of dishes with sweet corn these days.I ate this paruppu usili(lentil curry)with sweet corn in a wedding and it was so good.The spicy lentils and the sweetness in the corn made it lip smacking!I thought it was really new and let me post it on the blog.Here is the recipe....

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Corn Cheese Balls

 Corn cheese balls are corn and cheese dumplings that fried in oil. It is one of my favorite starters,(not only mine all of ours).
If you have visited Cream Center restaurant in Chennai you would know!!!It is very popular in that restaurant and i know most children,not just childen,  most people who visit that restaurant would order that first.Today i though let me make it as a evening snack for my kids and surprise them.                                                

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Adai/Khara Adai Recipe

Adai is a crepe or pancake made with rice, a few varieties of dals(lentils),chillies and salt.It is rich in Protein and healthy.Some people have it for breakfast but we prefer to have it for dinner as it is a little heavy and filling.It tastes best when eaten hot and fresh.It is usually served with Avial because it has a lot of vegetables and is mild to taste. Since Adais are spicy, they are sometimes eaten with jaggery !!! It is a traditional recipe of Tamilnadu.