Sunday, March 11, 2012

Green Chilli Pickle/Pachai Milagai Thokku

                                                                    My daughter has been after me to make this pickle.I have been avoiding since it is too spicy and there is nothing healthy about it.I finally gave up and made this just for her to have a taste of it since she is at home studying for exams.It is really spicy and you can only have a pinch of it especially with curd rice.Of course you can have it with dosa or adai depending upon how much spice you can tolerate!!!good luck!!

You will Need
  • 150gms of Green chillies
  • Half a cup of Gingelly Oil
  • Two Tbs of Urad dal
  • One tbs of Tamarind Paste
  • Two tbs of  Jaggery
  • One tsp of Mustard seeds
  • One tsp of Asafoetida powder
  • Salt to Taste

1.Heat one tbs of  Gingelly oil in a pan and fry the urad dal till golden brown and keep aside.

2.In te same pan with the remaining oil saute the green chillies for three minutes.

3.Cool the chillies and grind it along with salt,asafoetida,tamarind paste or pieces.

4.Finally add the fried urad dal,grind in to a coarse paste .Heat the remaining gingelly oil in the same pan crackle mustard seeds and saute the ground paste and jaggery  for 3 minutes and store in a dry bottle after it cools.


Unknown said...

Looks ans sounds yummy, though I agree there's nothing healthy about it.
Going to try it now!

janu said...

Sounds delicious..Could u tell us whats the shelf life of this thokku?

jaya's recipes said...

It will stay for 15 days iif refrigerated

ennaar said...

If we do not use urad dal, it will last longer, even though it may not be as tasty!!

Haisley said...

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