Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Kadalai Urundai Recipe/Karthigai Deepam Recipes

                                                          Kadalai Urundai/Nilakadalai Urundai is a favourite sweet of mine because it is healthy and made with Jaggery and not sugar.Whenever i get a sweet craving i pop in one Kadalai mittai, be it squares or rounds.They are crispy,crunchy and tasty.However peanuts have a connection to my childhood.My grandmother used to bring peanuts from her farm when she was visiting us and we used to roast,boil and eat them in all possible ways.And most of all we used to call her "Kadalai Patti" like my children used to call their thatha "Laddu".She used to make these sweets for karthigai.Now a days i buy the Rajaram peanut candies and eat them once in a while.Tomorrow being Karthigai Deepam i thought let me make these urundais today because yesterday i finished making the Nel and Aval pori urundais.I just went to the stores to buy some more pagu vellam,Peanuts( i have used ready roasted ones)and bought some agal vilakkus(few additions this year)....

You will Need

  • One cup Broken Peanuts
  • Half cup Powdered Jaggery
  • Water just to immerse the Jaggery
  • Rice flour or Ghee 
How to
1.You can either buy the roasted peanuts readymade like i did or buy peanuts with skin roast it nicely cool,peel of the skin and use it.
 2.In a thick pan heat jaggery and water just to immerse it.
 3.Once the jaggery dissolves strain it for impurities.
 4.Heat it again and keep a small bowl or plate with water pour a little jaggery syrup in that and check for consistency.(keep checking 2 or 3 times)
 5.Once you are able to gather the syrup and roll it slightly then it is ready.(it is called muthina paagu)
 6.Throw all the peanuts and mix it nicely so that the peanuts are coated well with jaggery.
7.Allow it to cool rub rice flour or ghee in your hands take aportion of the mixture and roll it in to small balls.
Repeat with all the mixture and when it gets stuck to the vessel you can heat it up slightly it will come out easliy.

  • Make the pagu to right consistency it is important to hold the peanuts.
  • Fresh and crisp peanuts gives crispy urundais.
  • Rub your hands with flour or ghee often otherwise it gets very sticky.
  • The colour of the vellam decides the colour of the urundais.
  • Please use pagu vellam for pori urundais and kadalai urundais.


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