Sunday, January 31, 2016

Sundakkai Vatral Kuzhambu

                                                                      Sundakkai  is a kind of berry(Turkey berry) which is made in to a vathal or vatral and  used in our gravies(kozhambu).Sundakkai vatral is prepared by soaking the berries in sour salted buttermilk, and dried in the sun untill crisp and dry.They make it at home store it for a year.It is also available in all the grocery stores these days.
Sundakkai vatral Kuzhambu is the most popular among all the Vatha Kuzhambu.It is a very regular and common recipe in Brahmin homes in Tamilnadu.Though you can taste this kuzhambu in a few restaurants like New woodlands or Saravana Bhavan home made vatral kuzhambu is authentic and tasty.
Sundakkai has a lot of medicianl values.This kozhambu is usually prepared after a feast because it has medicinal values and it is soft on the stomach.People  used to saute this vatral in a little ghee crush it on plain rice and eat when you have a stomach upset.Now coming to the recipe...

You will need
  • One handful of Sundakkai vatral
  • One gooseberry size Tamarind
  • 2tbs of Sambhar Powder
  • 3tbs of Gingelly Oil
  • A pinch of Turmeric powder
  • One tsp of Powdered Jaggery
  • Salt to taste
  • One tsp of Mustard seeds
  • One tsp Tur dhal
  • Half tsp Fenugreek seeds
  • Few Curry Leaves
  • Few Red Chillies

How to
1.Soak tamarind in hot water for 10-15minutes.
 2.Squeeze,extract and filter(with your fingers) the tamrind water three times.
 3.Heat oil in a pan crackle mustard seeds add tur dhal,fenugreek seeds and red chillies.
 4.When the dal becomes golden brown add the vatra/vathal,asafoetida and few curry leaves.
 5.Roast till the berries become slightly dark in colour and crisp.
 6.Pour the tamarind water and add sambar/vatha kuzhambu powder,turmeric powder and salt.
 7.Let it boil for five minutes.when it is beging to thicken add little jaggery.

 8.Let it thicken and switch off the stove.

  • Adding jaggery is purely optional.
  • Using gingelly oil is important to get the best taste of the kozhambu.
  • You can use vathakozhambu powder instead of sambhar powder.
  • If you are making a larger quantity you can make a paste with rice flour and water and add it to the kuzhambu at the end so that it thickens faster.
  • There will be salt in the vathal/vatral so add salt accodingly in the kuzhambu.

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