Monday, April 20, 2015

Palak Poori/Spinach Poori

I like to try out different recipes with Palak because Palak or Spinach is rich in iron.I have already posted Palak Roti,Dhal Palak,Aloo Palak,Palak Paneer ,Paneer Koftas in Palak Gravy,Vegetables in Palak Gravy,recipes before.I am yet to try the Palak Pulao which i will soon.....
This Palak Poori is a tasty poori with spinach paste and spices combined with the wheat flour for making the poori.It is very popular in North India and it is usually accompanied with curds,raitas or pickles.It tastes yummy and soothing in the summer with raita.I made with Boondi raita and it is a great combo!!!!!

You will Need

  • One cup of Wheat flour
  • One bunch of Spinach or Palak
  • One to two Green chillies
  • One tbs Semolina or Rawa
  • One tsp cumin seeds
  • Salt to taste
  • One tsp Sugar

How to
1.Chop the Palak Leaves without the thick stem and wash it really well with lots of water about three or four times.
 2.Boil one cup water with sugar and put the chopped spinach in that and boil till the palak is soft.(it takes about 3 to 4 minutes)
 3.Allow it to cool under the fan.Drain the excess water if there is any add green chillies and graind to a smooth paste.

  4.Add palak puree,salt,crushed or whole cumin,semolina and make in to a stiff dough.

5.Take lemon sized balls out of the dough flatten it in to a small round.
 6.Heat oil and slide the poori in hot oil.

 7.Once it rises and gets cooked on one side.flip it over.
 8.Cook till you get light brown spots on the poori.
 9.Drain on a paper towel.
Enjoy the poori hot with some cool raita.!!!!!!

  • While mixing the dough if the mosture in the puree is not enough you can add some water or curd to knead the dough.
  • You can add some ajwain seeds along with or instead of Cumin seeds for a different flavour.
  • You can add some shredded ginger,mashed potato or even mint leaves for extra flavour.