Friday, April 1, 2011

Elanir Payasam

Elanir payasam is the most easiest payasam to make.There is not much cooking involved while making this, I learnt this from a friend from chettinad.Since it is summer time i thought this would be ideal to post this for the fact that it is a sweet as well as light and cooling.There is no ghee or extra sugar so you can really binge on it!!!

Tender coconut
1.Boil milk till the milk thickens a bit and cool it.Add the sugar.

2.When it has really cool down add water of the tender cocnut and refrigerate for few hours and chop the tender coconut in to pieces.

3.Just before serving put the tender cocnut pieces in the serving bowl and add the payasam to it.

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Click the Following link to Enter the Competition


Unknown said...

Hi Jayashri,
thanks for linking your Kesari dear - however the link does not work - brings me to this page - Please relink with the correct link -


Unknown said...

The payasam looks really delicious and uber inviting - LOVE it ... please do link this to the fusion event as well - Following you dear :) Priya

Geetha Gopal said...

This elanir payasam is really lip smacking. So tempting.

Ruth Isaac said...

Very unusual. Am going to make it. Thank you for sharing. Ruth Isaac Kuala Lumpur