Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Mysore Pak

             Mysore Pak or Mysore paa  as it is called in krishna sweets is a popular south indian sweet made with gram flour,lots of ghee and sugar.My sister is an expert in making this.just took the recipe from her and made this.She also follows Meenakshi ammal's "samithu paar" cookery book.


Gram flour

1.Dry Roast the gram flour in a thick bottomed pan.

2.Seive it in a plate to avoid any lumps.

3.Boil water and add the sugar and make a sugar syrup.

4.Add one cup of ghee at this satge.slowly sprinkle the gram flour in to the pan till you finish the full quantity.In between keep adding the ghee also slowly till you finish the ghee.keep stirring continously.If you have a helping hand that would be great.

5.Sit continously and keep adding the ghee and powder and when it boils and reaches a  lather kind of state pour it in a greased plate.

6.After it cools down a bit cut it in to desired shape.

  • It is a lot of ghee but only if you use it tastes good otherwise it becomes hard.
  • The ghee settles down in between the flour and becomes porous and that is the speciality of this sweet.

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