Friday, April 1, 2011

Onion chutney(Vengaya Thogayal)

Vengaya Thogayal is one of my favourites. It goes well with idly,dosa or even with some hot rice(with some gingelly oil of course)..My mother used to make it as an accompaniment for tawa chapatti when i was a kid and when we were not exposed to so much north Indian food.
It is quiet simple and fast to make and is a great accompaniment!!!!

You will Need

  • Three to four Red Onions
  • One tbs of Urad dal
  • Three to four Red chillies
  • Small piece of Tamarind
  • Salt to taste
  • One tbs of Gingelly Oil

How to

  • Heat a tsp of Gingelly oil in a thick bottomed pan.roast the urad dal and red chillies till the dal turns golden brown.Keep aside to cool.

  • In the same pan heat rest of the gingelly oil and saute the chopped onions till slightly brown.This is to remove the raw smell of the onions in the chutney.Cool the fried onions.

  • In the small jar of the mixer first grind the fried Dal with some tamarind and salt with half the fried onions.Once the chillies and dal gets ground well add rest of the onions and just give it a quick grind.
  • I grind it to a coarse paste for dosa and slightly smooth for idlis.


RENU said...

i always make thogayal when iam not ina mood to cook.

RENU said...

looks so yummy