Monday, January 26, 2015

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait

                                                  This is the most simple but healthiest breakfast I have known.You can actually make it according to your taste and seasonal availability of Fruits.I was exposed to this in South Africa when we were travelling by car and stopped by in a restaurant.I saw this recipe picture on the menu and ordered it (so yummy!!! ) I love fruits generally and it was a treat for me!!!!Everyone around me was teasing me for eating this but I actually really enjoyed it.It looks like a fruit dessert, doesn't it ??  

You will need

  • Diced fruits of your choice
  • Almonds,raisins and walnuts
  • Museli or corn flakes
  • Thick Yogurt or Greek yogurt
  • Honey(optional)
How to

In a wide bowl arrange some diced fruits like papaya,
apple,banana,pomogranates and various fruits of your
Sprinkle a fist full of corn flakes or museli on top
to give it some crunchiness.
Top it up with some thick yogurt or flavoured yogurt or Greek yogurt and drizzle some honey if you prefer.
Enjoy the most healthy breakfast.
you can add fruits of your choice like some strawberries
blueberries and others.
If you do not have muesli add cornflakes and some raisins,
chopped walnuts and Almonds.
In the one I had tasted, they had put papaya
puree at the bottom and topped with other things.You can
try that one too !!!

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Unknown said...

Fruits with yogurt a very good recipe. I appreciate for your idea .