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Karthigai Adai Recipe/Vella Adai/Uppu Adai

                                                                     Apart from making Nel Pori Urundai and Aval Pori Urundai, we make Appam and Adai in the evening when we light the lamps on Karthigai.I have already posted Pori urundai and appam recipes before and Adai was the only one left.
We make this adai with raw rice(pacha arisi) because it is for neivedhyam (we do not use boiled rice for neivedhyam) and we make two types of adais - one is sweet with jaggery and the normal adai with salt and chillies.
I have made the dough common for both,divided it and added ingredients for sweet and salt adai.You can judge according to your requirement and divide.Usually sweet adai does not sell much in my house so I have just used one fourth of the dough for it.

You will Need

  • One cup Raw Rice
  • Half cup Tur dhal
  • One fourth cup Channa dal
  • One eighth cup Moong dal

For the Sweet Adai (makes 4-5 adais)

  • 1/4 portion of the above dough
  • 1/4 cup Powdered Jaggery
  • A pinch of Cardamom powder
  • Two tsp Scraped Coconut
  • Ghee to cook

How to
1.Take one cup of raw rice in a pan and dry roast till it changes colour in medium flame.
 2.Wash and soak it along with the dals for 2-3 hours.
 3.Grind it coarse.
 4.Take one cup dough(1/4th of the whole maavu) add powdered jaggery,scraped coconut and cardamom powder and mix well.Add some water if required to get pouring consistency.
5.Heat a tawa and pour a laddle full of dough and spread it like a dosa(slightly thicker)sprinkle some ghee on the sides.
6.Flip it over when it is brown on one side and cook on the other side for few minutes by pressing a little. 

Urappu Adai or Salt Adai

For the salt Adai(makes 8-10 adais)

  • 3/4 portion of the ground dough
  • 6-8 Red chillies
  • One spring Curry Leaves
  • 1/4 tsp Asafoetida
  • 2 tbs Scraped Coconut
  • Oil to Cook

How to

1.After grinding the rice and dal and taking a portion for the sweet adai to the remaining 3/4th portion grind some red chillies,scraped coconut,curry leaves,asafoetida,salt along with some dough.

 2.Pour it in to the remaining dough and mix well.
 3.Pour it in to the hot tawa and spread it like a thick dosa. Drizzle some oil on the sides and cook until brown.
4.Flip it over and cook on the other side by pressing a little all over.
Adais are usually  served with butter and jaagery!!!!


  • Make the dough common for both and then divide and add the spices or jaggery.
  • Adjust the quantity according to your requirement.
  • Adjust the chillies according to your taste.We do not add onions for neivedhyam
  • If the jaggery becomes excess in the sweet adai it will not cook properly you might have to add more dough so be careful about it.
  • The sweet adai dough kept in the fridge does not cook that easily so make it fresh on that day.The salt one works fine even from the refrigerator. 

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