Thursday, August 28, 2014

Samosa Recipe

                                                              Samosa needs no introduction these days as it is world famous.It is a very popular north Indian(especially Punjabi) fried snack which has a spicy potato and peas filling.It is very popular now and i love samosas especially in my teen years i used to love them very much.Now because it if deep fried i don't eat it that often.But It is a yummy fried snack for tea time especially in winters and you can make your own filling according to your taste and liking when you are making at home.Once in a while you need to indulge in such things right!!!.....

You will Need(for the dough)

  • One cup Maida
  • Salt to taste
  • Half a tsp Ajwain seeds
  • One tbs Ghee

 For the filling

  • Boiled Potatoes
  • Boiled Green Peas
  • One Onion Sliced
  • Half tsp Chilli powder
  • Half tsp Garam masala powder
  • Salt to taste
  • Half tsp Cumin seeds
  • One tsb Of Oil
  • One tbs Chopped Coriander Leaves
  • One Green chilli finely chopped

How to
1.Boil Potatoes and peas add salt chilli powder,garam masala powder and mash.
 2.Heat Oil in a pan crackle cumin seeds and fry sliced onion till crisp.

 3.Add chopped green chilli and ginger and fry for 30 seconds.
 4.Add the mashed potato and peas mixture give it a toss and keep the filling aside.

5.In a broad vessel mix maida,salt ajwain seeds and hot ghee add water and make it in to a smooth dough.

6.Take a small portion of the dough roll it in to a ball and flatten it in to small roti.
 7.Cut  it in to two halves.
 8.Fold it lie shown in the picture.
9.Fold the other end also without sealing the edges.
10.Hold it in your hand like a cup and put some filling in to that.
11.Seal the edges and repaet the same forthe rest of the samosas.If it is not sticking use water to seal the edges.
12.Repeat the same for rest of the rotis and make them in to samosas.
13.Heat oil in a pan and drop 2 or 3 samosas when the oil is hot and fry till it browns.
Drain it in a tissue paper and enjoy the hot samosas with green chutney and sweet chutney or just Tomato Ketch up!!!!!!

  • You can add some chopped Mint leaves for extra flavour.You can also add few more vegetables like carrot,beans,cauliflower etc.
  • When you are making for parties at home much before or the previous day  you can make the samosas freeze it and deep fry when the guests arrive.
  • Some people add nuts like cashews or peanuts that is also an option.


RENU said...

so tasty uma it s looks tempting

jaya's recipes said...

Thank you renu! said...

Thank you very much, your Samosa Recipe was very tasty. Your recipe is very easy to follow. Certainly I will share this relationship with my relatives. My family will enjoy it Thanks

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