Monday, August 25, 2014

Doodhi Halwa/Milk Gourd Halwa/Sorrakkai Halwa

                                                                            Doodhi Halwa is a north Indian sweet very similar to Carrot,Beet root or Pumpkin Halwa.People usually make it in winter in the north.There are few ways of making this  halwa you can either reduce milk and cook the doodhi in it and make the halwa which takes a little time otherwise you can use mawa(khoya)or condensed milk which reduces time and gives a good texture.I have used condensed milk and made the halwa.
Add a Extra Spoon of Ghee and enjoy the Halwa!!!!

You will Need

  • 2 cups of Shredded Dhoodi
  • One Can Condensed Milk
  • Few Raisins
  • Few Slivered Almonds
  • 2 to 3 tbs of Ghee
  • A pinch of Cardamom Powder

If you are making lesser quantity say one cup of shredded doodhi reduce the amount of condensed milk to half a can.
How to
1.In a non stick pan Saute the shredded doodhi in a tbs of ghee.You can cover and cook for few minutes till it gets soft or transparent.
2.Once the doodhi becomes soft add a can of condensed milk and combine well.
3.Boil it for few more minutes so that it comes together and becomes thick.Keep stirring to avoid burning.
4.Fry few raisins and almonds in ghee and pour it over the halwa.Add the cardamom powder and if you prefer add a tbs of ghee again to get a better taste and texture.
It tastes best when warm!!!!

  • Traditionally it is made by boiling milk and reducing it and cooking the doodhi in that.Using condensed milk gives a better texture and it is faster.
  • Make sure the doodhi is cooked before you add condensed milk or sugar.
  • You can add a little more ghee for richer taste and aroma.
  • You can add some more nuts of your choice.
  • Doodhi has a little bitter taste squeeze out the water completely after grating it and discard the center part with seeds.

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