Saturday, April 13, 2013

Paal Payasam with Condensed Milk

                                                                         Recently I had this Paal Payasam (milk Kheer) in a wedding, it was soo yummy ! I wanted to have it again and was waiting for an opportunity .Today, being Ugadi, my neighbors had invited all of us for lunch. I wanted to make a sweet and take it to her house.I made this paal payasam in kerela style - totally milky, with no other aromatic spices.
There are two ways of making it. First, one where you reduce the milk to half by heating it and then adding sugar.The second one is where you reduce the milk a little and then adding condensed milk which makes it thicker and tastier.When you are using condensed milk there is no need to add sugar.

You will Need

  • Two handful of Basmati rice
  • Two litres of Milk
  • One tsp of Ghee
  • One can of Condensed Milk(400gms)

How to
  • Roast the basmati rice in a tsp of ghee. 
  • Cool and coarse powder it.
  • In the same pan  Heat the two litres of milk and add the coarse powder Once the milk starts boiling reduce the flame and simmer until it gets a little thick.Do not forget to stir often else will catch at the bottom.

  • When the milk reduces to three fourth, after about thirty minutes of boiling, add the condensed milk.

  • The consistency I wanted was not too thick nor thin.The rice is seen, and at the same time the milk is not too thick.

Enjoy it when it is hot or refrigerate and have it cold.It tastes great!!!


RENU said...

happy tamil new year to u n ur family.

jaya's recipes said...

Thank you Renu wish you a very Happy new year too!!!