Saturday, April 20, 2013

Fruit Chaat

                                                                             My next attempt to make my girls like fruits! if not like, I atleast hope they attempt to eat them.Yes ,'fruit chat' is an assortment  of fruits with some chaat masala and lime juice.It tastes tangy,sweet,salty and very tasty.I love it!!!.It is a very popular street food in different parts of northern India especially in Delhi. It is sold in every street corner but not that much in chennai.
It is a very good and healthy Appetizer and of course there is no cooking involved so it is really easy and fast to make.

You will Need
  • One  Apple
  • One Kiwi fruit
  • Handful of Grapes
  • Three slices of Papaya
  • Hand full of Pomegranate
  • One Chikoo
  • One small Ripe Mango
  • One and half tsp of Chat Masala powder
  • A pinch of Red chilli powder
  • One tsp of Dry Mango powder
  • One tsp Roasted Cumin powder
  • Half a tsp of Black salt
  • A pinch of Normal Salt
  • Lemon juice from one lemon

Of course you can add any fruits of your choice.

How to
  • Dry Roast one tbs of cumin seeds and powder it.Dice the fruits and put them in a large bowl.Make sure the fruits are ripe but firm.

  •  Add all the powders except cumin powder.add lime juice and give it a toss.

  • When you are serving sprinkle cumin powder on top.Garnish with Mint leaves if you prefer.Adjust the powders according to your taste and the quantity of fruits you use.


RENU said...

i will love to make this n eat...superlike.

Janani said...

oh wow yummy chat love it.

For more about - New Zealand Kiwi fruit said...

I love making this, especially for wedding and baby showers. Such a crowd pleaser!