Saturday, April 27, 2013

Sandesh/Bengali Sweet

                                                                  Sandesh is a simple milk sweet. It is a Bengali sweet made with curdled milk.It can be made easily and quickly so if you have some extra milk at home and you are craving for some sweet then you should go for it.I actually have few extra pkts of milk now and craving for a mild sweet.It does not need any fancy ingredient or elaborate procedure to make this.If you prefer you can add some food color or kesar dissolved in milk to make it more flavorful. However i have made it plain without adding any artificial color or any other flavor because i preferred this milky flavor in the Bengali sweet!!!!

You will Need
  • One litre of Milk
  • One lemon
  • One fourth cup Sugar
  • Few Pistachios

How to
  • Boil Milk and squeeze lemon juice without seeds and keep stirring until the whole milk curdles.

  • Filter the milk to collect the milk fat and then tie it in a muslin cloth and allow all the water to drain.Take it out and knead for few minutes.

  • Transfer the malai(milk fat) on to a non stick pan and cook for three to four minutes

  • Cool it and blend it in the mixer with sugar.It becomes a soft pilable dough. 

Now the chenna(malai) is ready to be moulded into different shapes as you wish.Decorate it with some pistachios.It has to be consumed in the same day.It does not last long!!!


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