Friday, September 9, 2011


                                                                            Calzone originates from Italy.It is made of Ingredients similar to pizza folded over and shaped like a crescent.Usually these are stuffed with Tomatoes and mozzarella but i just modified according to my kids taste.
My daughter wanted to have Pizza today so i thought being Friday  let me try out something new and that tastes like pizza and while i was browsing found this recipe (I tried from US masala blog)gave it a try and made it little more healthy by adding a lot of wheat flour.My kids were extremely thrilled to see such a new recipe and that tasted like Pizza which they love anyways!!!!

You will Need

  • Two and half cups of wheat flour
  • One and half cup of Maida
  • 21/4 tsp of active dry yeast
  • Salt to Taste
  • Half a tsp of Sugar
  • Butter to Brush on top.
How To
1.Now let us see how to make the outer dough.Dissolve the yeast in warm milk along with sugar and salt.wait for ten minutes till it becomes frothy.
2.Mix both the flour in a large bowl make a dent at the centre and add the yeast.mix little by little and make a soft can add water or milk to knead if required.Apply oil in your hands while kneading.knead for 5 minutes.cover it with a kitchen towel and keep aside in a warm place for one and half hours.The dough would  doubled in portion.
You Will Need(for the filling)
  • Two Onions sliced
  • One Tomato sliced
  • One green pepper sliced
  • One cup of Grated cheese
  • Few tsp of Pizza Sauce
  • One tsp of Chilli flakes
  • one tsp of Oil or butter
How To
1.Saute all the ingredients given for the filling and make it into a thick saucy consistency.Cheese and pizza sauce will have salt so if you require add a little.
2.Now punch the pizza dough slightly to remove the air since it has doubled.divide into small portions.make a soft ball and roll out in to a thick roti.keep the filling in the centre and close the edges.
3.Press the sealed edges with a fork and slit the calzone on top for the air or heat to escape.apply butter on top.
4.While you are doing the filling preheat the oven at 200 degree Celsius and bake it for 15-18 minutes or till it is golden brown.apply butter once again and cool if for few minutes and enjoy

  • You can modify to your can use some other filling like corn,paneer mushrooms etc..


Aishwarya said...

this looks so yummy! wish i could make it.

Nandita said...

Wow ur recipes r tantalising very interesting choice i got a few that i really wanted to know will try them and let u know.pls post some evening after school snack tanx nandita