Thursday, September 8, 2011

Ada Pradaman/Onam Recipes

                                                                Pradaman is payasam in Malayalam.Tomorrow being Onam I thought let me try out this recipe.I bought the ready made Ada that is available in stores and boiled it and mixed with jaggery and coconut milk and garnished with cardamom powder and edible camphor.

You will Need

  • Half a cup of ready made Ada
  • One to One and half cup jaggery
  • Coconut scrapings from one coconut
  • A pinch of Cardamom Powder
  • A pinch of Edible Camphor
How To
1.Extract milk from Scraped coconut thrice and keep each one of them separate.
2.Boil the ada in water till done.
3.Dissolve the jaggery in half cup hot water and filter for impurities.
4.Heat the filtered jaggery water in a thick bottomed pan.
5.Add the ada and boil till it thickens.Add the third extracted coconut milk.
6.When it becomes little thick add the second extracted coconut milk.
7.When it becomes thick add the third extracted milk and just switch off.
8.It should not boil because it might curdle and add the cardamom and camphor.

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jayshree bhagat said...

awesome recipe......have made the task really easier!