Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Masala Pori/Beach style Masala Pori

                                                            Masala Pori is a simple snack made out of Puffed rice and boiled peanuts.It is made so tasty that if you go to the beach in chennai especially marina and beasant nagar  you cannot miss it.Some times i make it at home because it is summer and these simple snacks are easily digestible and easy to make.


  • One Pkt of Puffed Rice
  • Half cup Boiled Peanuts
  • Two Onions finely chopped
  • One tomato Finey chopped
  • Half a Cucumber finely chopped
  • Half a Mango finely chopped
  • One grated Carrot
  • Finely chopped Coriander Leaves
  • One tsp Chilli Powder
  • Lemon juice
  • Salt to Taste

  • Chop all the vegetables finely.Boil the peanuts after soaking it for few hours.

  •  Add salt and chilli powder to the puffed rice.Mix well.

  •  Add rest of the vegetables one by one and mix well.

  •  Squeeze some lime juice.There is mango pieces also so just be careful about the amount of lime juice you add.

  • Enjoy the masala beach style pori before it gets too soggy.


Shanthi said...

i love this so much...i am craving for it now..awesome pictures...

maya said...

Drooling, looking at the pictures ! SOO want it now :D