Saturday, December 15, 2012

Gujarati Kadhi

                                                                      Gujarati Kadhi is a yogurt based sweet and spicy gravy.It is very simple and easy to make.It is usually served with rice and dal Khichidi.Kadhi is also made in different ways in different regions in India like rajastan and punjab.I like the Gujarati one the best.let us look at the recipe now.

You will Need

  • Two Tbs of Chickpea flour
  • One Cup beaten Curds
  • Three cups Water
  • Salt to Taste
  • One tbs of Sugar
  • A pinch of Turmeric powder
  • One to two green chilies
  • Half a tsp grated Ginger
  • Two tsp of Oil
  • Four Cloves
  • One small piece Cinnamon
  • One tsp Cumin seeds
  • Half a tsp Mustard's seeds
  • Ten Fenugreek seeds
  • Few Curry Leaves
  • One tbs Coriander leaves.
How to
  • Whisk together chick pea flour,curds,water together without any lumps.Add sugar,salt,grated ginger,chopped green chili.

  •  Heat oil in a pan crackle mustard seeds,cumin,cloves,cinnamon and fenugreek seeds.Pour the whisked curd chickpea mixture and boil for three minutes.Add Turmeric powder,keep stirring continuously .Garnish with curry and coriander leaves.

  • For better taste let the curd be a little sour.
  • Adjust the sugar according to your taste.

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super yum..nice cliks...

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Yummy pictures!!! I saw all the pictures couple of times before even reading the recipe!!! Looks sooooo delicious!!!
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Looks very yum ....can have kadhi any day

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Just to let you know that your link to Food on Friday: Asian Food was featured in my Need Some Inspiration? Series today. Have a nice week.

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hi it looks yummy.can u post pudina rice recipe?thanks.