Thursday, July 24, 2014

Kulfi Ice Cream

                                                               Kulfi is Indian form of ice cream.It is  my husbands favourite dessert.Whenever we go for a ice cream or dinner his choice would be kulfi.Yesterday being his birthday i thought i would make some.There are a few varieties of kulfi like mango kulfi,kesar kulfi and matka kulfi i have tried the normal one and it came out pretty good.Here is the recipe......

You will Need

  • One Litre of Full Cream milk
  • One can of Milk maid(condensed milk)
  • Four tbs of Milk Powder
  • Crushed nuts of your choice
  • Few strands of Saffron
  • One generous pinch of Cardamom powder

How to
1.Boil milk till it becomes a little thick.
 2.Add condensed milk,milk powder,saffron and cardamom powder and boil it further till it becomes a little thick like a  thick soupy consistency.
 3.Cool it completely and fill it up in the cleaned kulfi moulds.
4.Freeze it for 4-5 hours.(make them stand otherwise it might leak)
5.Wash the mould from outside and insert a fork and pull out the kulfi.

Enjoy the Kulfi!!!


  • You can add some nuts like pistachios and almonds of your choice.
  • If you do not have those moulds you can even pour it in to those small mud pots which will be very authentic.
  • Add coarsely ground cardamom which gives a very good flavour.


Kurinji said...

Kulfi looks delicious....

jaya's recipes said...

Thank you kurinji!