Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Watermelon Juice | Ice cubes and Popsicles

The temperature is rising and I can see watermelons everywhere.They are so colourful to look at. So, I decided to make some juice for myself and some ice cubes and popsicles for the kids.As I have mentioned earlier, my kids are not fruit-friendly so I really have to make something different and interesting to make them eat fruits.

                                                  Watermelons are not only tasty, but they have very high nutritive value too.It is a good source of vitamin C and vitamin A like many other fruits.This fruit contains anti-oxidants which help you fight diseases. Rich in Potassium, it helps maintain body electrolyte levels and the Beta Carotene present protects you against Cancer. Another special thing about watermelon is Lycopene (a Carotenoid found in abundance in watermelon) which provides additional cancer fighting health benefits of watermelon.

You will Need
  • Watermelon pieces (deseeded)
  • Sugar or honey for taste
  • Lime juice
  • Water.

Puree the watermelon pieces with water,sugar and lime juice in a blender.Serve chilled.

Pour it in the ice tray of the refrigerator and leave it till it freezes.Remove the cubes and enjoy !

Pour it in to the posicle moulds and make popsicles for the kids!!!

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Sriya said...

First time here glad to follow you..very refreshing and perfect for the summer ....
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