Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Diwali Legiyam|Marundu|Diwali Recipes

                                                     We have seen so many sweet and savoury recipes for Diwali now it is time to make this yummy medicinal legiyam.In our house we use to call it Marundu which means medicine in Tamil.After all the sweets our stomach should not go for a Toss so that is why this was invented i guess.
                                                      It is quite simple with most of the ingredients at home except the Knadathipilli and sukku(dry ginger)which you get in Nattu marundu kadai.There is one famous Dabba chetty kadai in kutchery road mylapore or Salam stores in Pondy bazar.You even get the powder ready made in these shops.

You will Need
  • Two tsp of Black pepper
  • Two and half tsp of Cumin seeds
  • Two and half tsp of Coriander seeds
  • Ajwain or Omam Seeds 25gms
  • Kandathippili sticks about 10-12
  • One medium sized coin size Sukku 
  • 2 Cardamom seeds
  • 1/4cup Ghee
  • 100-125gms Powdered Jaggery.
The Traditional method is you pound all these ingredients and then soak it for half an hour and grind it into a smooth paste.Futher dilute it with water and heat it in a thick bottomed pan till the raw smell goes and  until the water evaporates.Then add powdered jaggery and heat till it becomes thick like a halwa.In the process keep adding ghee little by little.
I used the store bought powder which is good and which i have been making quiet a few years.This is how i made it.It takes anout 45minutes to thicken.If you are using store bought powder you can powder the jaggery put in hot water,dossolve  and filter it and use it to dilute the powder.
My grandmom used to add honey and raisins as well at the end.

  • Mix the powder with water and make a soupy consistency and start heating it in a heavy and large pan.

  • Let it boil till the raw smell goes.

Add jaggery powder and heat further.Keep stirring.

  • Add ghee at this stage and keep stirring.

  • Let it come to a thick halwa consistency.


Vandana said...

Hello Uma,

I tried the deepawali marundu and it came out very well! Thank you.


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