Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Vegetable au gratin

                                                               Once in a while i try different recipes like this.Au gratin is a french dish.Of course i have modified it a little.I have combined vegetables with macaroni in white sauce and baked it with cheese.It is a side dish usually served with garlic bread.

You will Need(for 4-5people)
  • One small cup of macaroni(shells)
  • One potato diced
  • One carrot diced
  • Few florets of Broccoli
  • Half cup of corn kennels
  • Half cup of peas
  • White pepper powder to taste
  • Salt to taste
  • Cheese cubes(one per person)
  • Four tsps of white (maida)Flour
  • 500ml of Milk
How To
1.Dice the potatoes,carrots,potatoes and boil it along with macaroni,peas,corn and little salt.

2.Heat butter in a pan add 4tsp of flour and fry add 500ml of milk slowly and bring it to a boil until it becomes a thin sauce.(make sure there are no lumps)Add salt and pepper powder.

3.Add the boiled vegetables and if you prefer can add some oregano(i did not add)
4.Pour it into a baking dish.shred cheese on top.Preheat the oven and bake for about 8-10 minutes at 230 C or bake till the cheese melts and starts to become brown like in the picture.

5.Serve hot with garlic bread.

  • If the remaining sauce becomes thick add some warm milk.
  • Adjust the amount of cheese,butter according to your taste.


Kitchen Chronicles said...

Looks real beautiful. 1st time here. You have a nice space.

jaya's recipes said...

Thank you Lakshmi!

kavi said...

Please mention the type of flour that we need to use

jaya's recipes said...

Thanks kavi have mentioned it.

Aanal Desai said...

first time in ur space..u have really interesting recipes ..i will defi try..tx..