Friday, September 9, 2016

Bell Pepper Chutney/Capsicum Chutney

                                                             I never knew we could make a delicious chutney with capsicum and that too with all colour capsicums.I tried it recently and just loved it.The chutney can be used as a spread, as well as an accompaniment for our south Indian idlis,dosas and upma.My friend makes it with olive oil and uses it as a spread for bread pizza etc.I am sure it tastes great that way too.

You will Need

  • 3 Coloured Capsicums
  • One Tbs Urad dal
  • One Tomato
  • 3-4 Red Chillies
  • A small piece of Tamarind
  • One tbs Oil
  • Salt to taste

How to
1.In a tsp of oil roast urad dal and red chillies until the dal becomes golden brown.then add the tamarind and saute for ten seconds and swicth off the stove.Take it out on a plate and allow it to cool completely.
 2.In the same pan add the remaining oil saute the diced capsicum and tomatoes.Cover with a lid and cook until the vegetables are soft.Allow it to cool too.

 3.In a mixer jar add the urad dal,redchillies tamarind and salt.(you can powder this first then add the capsicum)or add half the vegetables gind and then add the rest and make it in to a paste.

Enjoy the delicious chutney with dosas,idlis and upma.!!!!!

  • You can use all colour capsicums or even one colour.
  • I have added tomato for volume and texture.
  • You can add onion also along with tomato.
  • Do not add coriander or pudina as it will dominate the flavour of capsicum.
  • After grinding you can sautee it further with some oil  for a longer shelf life.

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