Thursday, February 25, 2016

Vazhakkai chips/Raw Banana Chips

                                                            I have this whole lot of home grown  raw bananas at home,Inspite of distributing to all friends,relatives and neighbors i have a dozen of them..I am planning so many vazhakkai recipes with them for the next few days.One recipe that all of us like and which will stay for a week is raw banana chips.It is a long time since i made this and waiting to try out this thin crispy wafers.In some shops it is a little thick but we like these thin ones better with red chilli powder and salt.

You will Need

  • 4-5 Raw Bananas
  • Salt to taste
  • Red Chilli powder
  • Asafoetida(optional)
  • Oil to Deep fry
How to
 1.Peel the skin of the banana.
 2.Heat oil in a pan.Cut the banana  in to two and use the slicer and slice directly in to the hot oil.Let the slices be thin.
 3.Now cook in medium flame.
  4.Turm them over and cook on both sides till theny slightly brown in colour or until the sssshhhh sound goes off.
 5.Drain them in a tissue papaer. Allow it to cool down.
 6.Put them in a large bowl and add salt,chilli powder,asafoetida.
 7.Toss it nicely so that the chilli powder and salt gets coated well on the chips.
8.Store it in a air tight container for a week.

  • You can use pepper powder and salt intead of red chilli powder if you prefer.
  • Always cook in medium flame.and let the slices be thin.
  • Some people mix water and salt and pour the solution in hot oil while frying the chips,you can try that method also.
  • Adding asafoetida is optional.

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Padma Sundar said...

did it the same way as you have mentioned, came out well,