Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rasagulla/Bengali Sweet

                                                                    This is my 250th post.I wanted to treat myself with a sweet that is  simple and easy to make and of course that is not too fattening.I finally decided on the Bengali white Rasagullas.Today being a birthday in the family it is a double treat.Surprisingly there is no need for any ghee in this recipe.Other than the sugar part you don't have to be worried about any fat!!!you can afford to gulp a few without much of guilt !!!!

You will Need(makes 25 rasagullas)

  • One litre of 5% fat Milk
  • Juice of half a Lemon
  • Three cups of Water
  • Two Cups of Sugar

How to
1.Boil one litre of milk.Squeeze the lemon juice while it is boiling and continue to boil till the fat separates from the milk.
2.Strain the milk through a thin cloth.Collect the cheese and wash it in running water to remove the flavor of  lime juice.
3.Squeeze out the extra water in the cheese and hang it for half an hour to remove extra moisture.
4.After half an hour transfer the cottage cheese or the paneer in to a bowl and knead for five to ten minutes.
5.Pinch out a small portion and make marble sized balls.Repeat for the rest of the Cheese.
6.In the meantime boil three cups of water in the pressure cooker directly and dissolve two cups of sugar.
7.Once the sugar dissolves drop the cheese balls gently in to the sugar syrup.
8.Pressure cook if for one whistle and for few more minutes in a slow flame.The rasagullas would increase in size.
9.Allow it to cool and enjoy.


Aishwarya said...

Happy Birthday!!!! Yum, yum, yum. We are looking at the sweet and our mouths are watering :)

Hope you enjoyed!!

Jehancancook said...

This looks reminds me of a dish we make using the milk curds, but instead of a syrup the milk is cooked in sugar and spices. said...

wow..ownderful sweet yaar.loved just mouths watering :)

Anonymous said...

It looks really good !! I'm sure it tasted great ! Can't wait to try it !