Friday, June 1, 2012

Mango Lassi

                 Bringing you another recipe on Mangoes, Lassi is a Desi drink made of yoghurt or curd. A welcoming change to the sweltering heat outside, this sweet and cold drink is a favourite amongst all age groups. A less known fact is that Mango is the National Fruit Of India. Also, mangoes are very benificiary to our health as its antioxidants are capable of fighting cancer and lowering cholestrol. In younger children, it is also known to improve concentration power. With these interesting facts, let us move on to the recipe..  

You will Need
  • Two Ripe Mangoes
  • Half a cup Yogurt
  • One third cup Milk
  • Sugar to taste.
  • Few Pieces Diced Mangoes
  • Few Pistachios
How to

Peel and dice mangoes. Put the mangoes,milk,yogurt,sugar in the blender and blend it into a puree.
Thin it with milk if you would like.Adjust the sugar according to your taste.Pour it in the glasses
and garnish with few diced mango pieces and pistachios.Tastes better when chilled!!!

You can add a little bit cardamom powder while blending if you like the taste.

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