Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Kalakand Recipe/Easy Diwali Sweet

                                                               I have been trying these easy diwali sweets now.I just posted Besan ladoo which was also very easy.Kalakand is a very easy sweet made with paneer and condensed milk.There is no ghee,oil or deep fry so it is pretty simple.You can add a little flaour of your own choice at the end like cardamom powder,kesar strings or rose essence etc.I have not added any flavour because no one likes the flavour in this sweet in my house so i just made it plain.I like the milky flavour and taste so just stuck to that one.

You will Need

  • 200 gms of Paneer
  • Half tin of Condensed Milk
  • Ghee for greasing
  • Pistachios for Garnishing
  • Any flavour of your choice
How to
1.Keep the paneer out of the refrigerator for 2 hours before you start to use.Cut it in to blocks and put it in the mixer jar.
2.Crumble into small pieces as shown in the picture.
 3.In a non stick pan heat condensed milk and crumbled paneer together.
 4.Let it combine to gether and becomes thick (it takes only two minutes)swich off the stove.
 5.Pour it in to a greased tray and allow it to cool for a while.
 6.When it is warm cut it into squares and sprinkle come chopped pistachios on top and press gently.
Enjoy the soft and rich sweet!!!!

  • You can add some milk powder for better binding.
  • Like i have mentioned earlier you can add different flavours.
  • You can use home made paneer.
  • It does not have a long shelf life so refrigerate after first day.

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RENU said...

hi uma
i made this for diwali n it came yummy.happy diwali