Tuesday, July 14, 2015

ABC Juice/Detox Juice

                                                                 I am sure by now everyone has heard about ABC juice or the miracle juice.As the alphabet suggests apples,beetroots and carrots are pureed in to a juice.It has the goodness of two vegeies and one fruit so it becomes enriched with all sorts of vitamins and minerals.
There are enormous benefits of drinking this juice i have mentioned a few below.I have started drinking this juice and hope you will also try and enjoy the enormous health benefits!!!!
  • It helps in loosing weight and improves immune system.
  • It helps in the treatment and prevention of cancer.
  • It protects the heart(protect you from heart attack) and lungs.
  • It helps in maitaining organs like liver,pancreasand the kidneys.
  • It helps to get a flawless skin.
  • It helps in proper digestion and prevents ulcers in the stomac.
  • It sharpens memory and improves brain function.
  • Acts as a cure for menstural pain and cramps.
  • It helps in keeping bad cholestrol and blood pressure under control.
  • It sharpens vision and cures throat infections too.
  • It helps in detoxification and purification of the blood.
  • It helps in treating Anaemia and improves production of red blood cells.

You will Need
  • One Apple (Red or Green)
  • Two small Carrots 
  • A slice of Beet root
  • Honey for taste
  • Lemon juice for taste

How to
1.Chop the vegetables and fruits and place it in the juicer or blender with some water.
 2.Puree it and then if you want you can seive it.

Have the juice immediately and enjoy.Make it part of your daily routine and enjoy its enormous benefits.

  • Drink the juice immediately after you make it.
  • Drink the juice first thing in the morning in empty stomac for best benefits.
  • Have your breakfast one hour later.


RENU said...

u r great this looks perfect.

Vini said...

Very heakthy drink..have severe hair loss post delivery.will try it n see.
Do you peel beetrroot and carrot skin?

jaya's recipes said...

Yes vini you have to peel the skin of carrot and beet root.Have a lot of iron rich food post delivery!

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