Tuesday, August 18, 2020


Ingredients for the filling
  • Coconut      scraped 1cup
  • Jaggery      3/4cup
  • Cardamom powder a little
Ingredients for outer dough
  • Raw Rice(ponni)   1cup
  • Water        1cup
  • Gingelly oil  1tsp
  • Salt   1/2tsp

Boil little(half a cup) water and add the jaggery.let it dissolve(you can strain it since there will be some dirt in the jaggery)else you can heat jaggery and coconut together  and become thick and finally the elaichi powder.let the consistency of the poornam be sticky and made into a soft ball.

Soak rice for two hours and grind it into a smooth paste in dosa dough consistency

Boil water with pinch of salt and gingelly oil.when it starts boiling add the rice flour slowly so that no lumps are formed.

keep it closed for half an hour.put it on a plate and knead well to become like a chapati dough

Make a cup kind of mould with the rice flour and keep some sweet filling the poornam in the centre and close it.

like this make about 15 of them arrange them in a idly plate and steam it for 20 minutes and it is ready.
It is also called modhakam and made on pillayar chathurthi,varalakshmi nombu,Friday's of the
Adi masam(tamil month)and Thai masam(tamil month usually comes after sankaranthi)


Anonymous said...

Hi Jaya,
thanks for ur Yummy receipe, pics are gr8 here, id like to know the exact way of made filling just like in the pics, means jaggery with water or jaggery with cocanut, if jaggery with water means whats the propotion of quantity? also plz tell me what sort of rice we ve to use to make the dough?
kindly update asap, Thanks .

jaya's recipes said...

hi thanks for your comment.we dissolve the jaggery in water because there will be impurities in the vellam(jaggery).otherwise we can heat the cocnut and the jaggery together.once you heat the jaggery will melt and thicken with the coconut.

Unknown said...

How long should the rice batter be cooked? 30 mins? or should I turn the stove off after pouring the batter and let it sit for 30 mins?

I tried this method last time, I kept stiring on low flame until a ball was formed, turned off the stove covered it and let it cool down a little bit and kneaded it. I seemed like the dough was not cooked enough compared to the traditional way. It was whiter unlike the tradtional where it is almost translucent

jaya's recipes said...

Hi chandra Once the flour absorbs all the moisture and becomes a thick mass(it takes 2-3 minutes only) switch off the stove and keep it closed for 30 minutes.

Unknown said...

hi mam
can we use ready kozhukattai mavu mix. if wr use wat is d proportion

jaya's recipes said...

yes you can use readymade mavu